Autauga County, Alabama

Water Conservation

As you know, there is no way to prevent drought conditions from occurring, however the effects of a drought can be reduced by improving and maintaining our water system and by asking our customers to voluntarily conserve water whenever the can. This can be accomplished in several ways by:

  1. Reducing the watering of lawns, shrubs, trees and landscaped areas. Generally lawns do not need to be watered more often than once every week. With a regular hose and sprinkler this can be accomplished in 2-3 hours.
  2. Lawns should be watered early in the morning. Temperatures and wind speeds are lower which reduces evaporation.
  3. Don't water the streets and sidewalks. Position your sprinkler so that the water falls on the lawn and shrubs, not the driveway.
  4. Use efficient irrigation devices such as drip, micro-irrigation and soaker hoses.
  5. During dry weather, raise the cutting height of your mower so you are cutting at the highest recommended height. This encourages the root systems to grow deeper, shades the root system and holds soil moisture better.
  6. Don't hose down your driveway or sidewalk. Use a broom to clean debris from these areas.
  7. Use a shut-off nozzle on your hose so that water flows only when needed. Check your rubber washers and replace if they leak.
  8. Don't leave your garden hoses unattended, a garden hose can pour out several hundred gallons of water in just a couple of hours.
  9. Consider using a car wash that recycles water. If you wash your own car, park it on the grass and remember to use your shut-off nozzle.
  10. Verify that your home is leak free. Turn off all water in your house and look at your water meter. If the small red triangle is still spinning you probably have a leak.
  11. Check for toilet tank leaks by adding food coloring to the tank. If the tank is leaking, you will have color in the bowl within 30 minutes. Remember to flush as soon as you complete the test as some food dyes may stain the tank.
  12. Take shorter showers or replace your showerhead with a low flow device. Alternatively, you could turn the shower on and get wet, then turn the shower off to soap up; then turn it back on to rinse off.
  13. Don't let the water run while you are shaving or brushing your teeth.
  14. Use the dishwasher or clothes washer only when you have a full load.
  15. Store drinking water in the refrigerator. Donít turn the tap on and wait for the cool water to flow.
  16. Serve water at restaurants only at the request of the customer.
  17. Refrain from using water for ornamental purposes, including fountains, artificial waterfalls and reflecting pools.

The City of Talladega will stay informed on drought conditions and advisories issued by state and federal agencies as they make their information available. We will also inform The Alabama Department of Environmental Management and the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs of any direct impacts caused by these dry conditions. This information will be shared with the Alabama Drought Assessment and Planning Team as a part of the drought coordination process.

The City of Talladega will re-evaluate conditions every 30 days and make adjustments to our operating procedures as necessary.

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