Autauga County, Alabama


Turn Off

A work order must be signed by the customer requesting disconnection of service. A forwarding address for final billing and/or refund of deposit must be provided. Customers are ALWAYS responsible for the billing until proper disconnection has been made. Turn Off will not be accepted by phone unless approved by Manager.

Notice of Disconnection

Any unpaid NET bill not paid within 45 days of the due date will be subject to disconnection and the amount of the gross billing is due and payable to avoid disconnection.

Talladega Water & Sewer is authorized to establish the delinquent date and last day of service as shown on the mailed water bill, provided neither date shall be on a holiday, weekend or other time when the business office is not open to the public for the purpose of making collections and reconnecting service.

Disconnection of Services

Other than services turned off at the request of customer, water/sewer services may be disconnected by the TWS for any of the following reasons.

  • If the delinquent bill has not been paid.
  • Failure to complete the deposit or other arrangements to secure payment of bills.
  • Failure to clear up a returned check or bank draft in a timely manner. See the Rates and Billing web page.
  • Tampering with TWS meters or other equipment or unauthorized use of water/sewer services. This violation is subject to additional charges and could be considered a criminal act and may be processed accordingly.
  • Where a known dangerous condition exists.
  • Violation of other TWS rules and regulations.

The TWS employee performing the disconnection of services shall make reasonable attempts to advise the customer/occupant.

The employee who is disconnecting service is not authorized to accept any payment in lieu of disconnecting the service.

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