Autauga County, Alabama

New Service

Turn On

The customer requesting turn on of any service is required to furnish necessary information and photo identification as well as correct service location/address and correct mailing address. Work order and users agreements MUST be completed and signed by the customer and all appropriate fees paid in advance. A fee to cover the cost of connection of the service is also required. Any other party signing the work order automatically assumes joint responsibility for all matters pertaining to this account.


A deposit is required on all accounts except when the customer is the home and property owner. Customer's deposit shall be applied to the bill after service has been terminated. Any deposit refund due will be mailed to customer during the next billing cycle following disconnection of the services.

Multiple Services

Each individual customer is required to have a metered service. Where multi-use of one metered service is allowed, a charge for each user will be billed against the property owner or their authorized agent. It is at the discretion of the TWS as to whether the multi-use of one service will be allowed.

New Service Construction

  • A Tap application MUST be made for ALL new water and/or sewer services.
  • The application request will be evaluated by service personnel and a recommendation and cost proposal will be made to customer.
  • Tap fees have been set by the TWS for connections made under normal circumstances. Other costs may also apply. Payment for all applicable fees, as well as executed work orders and/or users agreement, and proper inspection by TWS personnel MUST be made before services are connected.
  • Fees for larger taps, are based on materials plus labor and equipment. A complete listing of tap fees, etc. is available by contacting the Service Center.

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