Autauga County, Alabama

Holiday Safety


Decorating homes and businesses is a tradition during the holiday season.  Decorations may increase the chance of fire.  However, follow a few simple Christmas tree and holiday decoration fire safety tips to ensure Happy Holidays for you and your family.


Please follow these simple steps to ensure a memorable holiday season:

         Make sure home is protected by smoke alarms.  Alarms should be installed on each level of the home; including each bedroom and outside any sleeping area.

         Test smoke detectors monthly to ensure they are working properly and change

batteries yearly.

         Inspect electrical decoration and extension cords before use.  Discard any damaged items.

         Avoid overloading electrical outlets which may overheat and start a fire.

         Check live Christmas trees for freshness.  Keep stand filled with water.

         Keep tree and decorations three feet away from heat sources.

         Use battery-operated candles instead of traditional candles.  Never use burning

candles on or near trees.

         Keep space heaters three feet from bedding, curtains, clothing and paper products.

         Always turn space heaters off when you leave a room or before you go to sleep.

         Dispose of Christmas trees properly. Dried trees are a fire hazard and should not

be left in the home or garage.

         Electrical decoration should be stored inside immediately after the holidays to prevent hazardous situations.


Statics show incidents of home fires and electrical accidents increase during winter months, says Chief Warwick of Talladega Fire Department.  Thirty percent of home fires

and thirty-eight percent of fire related deaths occur in December, January, and February according to National Fire Protection Association.  Therefore, its critical families keep fire safety in mind while enjoying the holiday season.   

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